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About Meerabai

Meerabai Jackson, author of Sacred Soul Seeds Handbook and journal, is a self-care expert who has helped many find inner peace and empowerment, leading them to embody natural radiance, healing and transformation.

Meerabai's compassion towards others is enhanced by her past experience with self-care denial accompanied by low self-esteem. Issues she desperately wanted to overcome. Her frustration metamorphosed into a powerful vision of the person she wanted to become.

She knew there had to be answers to her questions on how to begin looking in the mirror and finally seeing the superbeing she truly was inside. She imagined finding and applying them in her consciousness and activities.

As Meerabai found answers for herself in the universal laws and spiritual teachings that put her on the path of truth seeker, she discovered a love for sharing and a gift for coaching. Subsequently, she became a certified wellness coach and a personal growth writer and has an enduring aspiration to live a dharmic life.

Meerabai lives in a spiritual community in Nevada City, California. She is certified in Ananda Meditation, Ananda yoga, wellness coaching and spiritual counseling. She is working on a Ph.D. in Philosophy, focusing on metaphysical science, ministry, and conscious-centered living.

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Meerabai Jackson, Self-Care Expert

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